Permanent Beauty - Wake Up Beautiful . . . Everyday!
Depending upon how much eyebrow hair you have, you may need only a FILL IN to add thickness and depth to your existing brow. This procedure also allows us to slightly tweak the shape of your existing brow.
If you have lost most of your eyebrow hair, or need extreme reshaping, you will need a FULL EYEBROW created for you
And finally, if you are looking to achieve a fuller, more filled in "glamour brow" that mimics the look of a more prominent eyebrow we can do that too!
Procedure: $350.00 ~ $450.00
Follow - Up:  FREE*
Touch - Up: $150.00+ for existing clients, 
                      $250.00+ for non Permanent Beauty clients. 
A touch up is a color refresh where the shape is still defined. A faded or ill shaped brow is considered a new or corrective procedure and will be priced accordingly. 
Feel free to email us a photo and we can quote you your Touch Up Fee over the phone!
Choose from over 50 colors!
If you are using Eyelash Growth Enhancements such as Latisse or Rapid Lash, please refrain from using these products for 6 weeks prior to having a Permanent Eyeliner Procedure. These products may increase a patients sensitivity to this procedure.
Top Eyeliner:                                                   $300.00
Bottom Eyeliner:                                             $250.00
Both Upper and Lower Eyeliner, 
     completed the same day:                            $500.00
Touch - Up, Top Eyeliner:                              $200.00 for existing clients
                                                                           $250.00 non PB clients
Touch - Up, Bottom Eyeliner:                        $175.00 for existing clients
                                                                          $200.00 non PB Clients
Touch - Up, Both Upper and Lower:             $350.00 for existing clients
                                                                           $400.00 for non PB clients
For those women loosing color and definition in the border of their lips, a LIP LINER procedure is all you need! Adding a subtle line redefines the shape of your lips and can add fullness. To eliminate the possibility of too sharp a contrast between your permanent makeup liner and your lips, a slight shading and blending of the color into the lip area allows for a natural color transition.
Choose FULL LIP SHADING for all over color!
Lip Liner:    $450.00
Touch - Up: $300.00
Full Lip Shading with Liner:    $600.00
Touch - Up: $350.00
Priced during consultation
*Follow - Up to be completed within 3 months from date of initial procedure unless special arrangements are made in advance due to travel or illness, etc.
VISA, MC, Discover, Cash. Personal Check from Established Clients Only.