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Actual Permanent Beauty™ Patient
Un-Touched Photo of Eye Liner and
Fill-In Eyebrow
Create the perfect brow or subtly fill in your brows for a fuller, more youthful appearance. Feathered eyebrows are natural-looking and, with over 50 pigment colors to choose from, a perfect match to your hair color or existing brows is easy to achieve.
Define your eyes with either an upper or lower eyeliner application. Or, apply both and be truly maintenance free! For a more natural look, opt for a lash enhancement. A subtle, almost dotted/dashed line is applied through the lash bed for a more understated look.
**If you are using Eyelash Growth Enhancements such as Latisse or Rapid Lash, please refrain from using these products for 6 weeks prior to having a Permanent Eyeliner Procedure. These products may increase a patients sensitivity to this procedure.**
Actual Permanent Beauty™ Patient
Un-Touched Photo of Lip Liner and
Full Lip Shading
Lip Liner
Accentuate your lips with a soft liner applied to your natural lip border. It’s easy to subtly add fullness or create a more desirable shape to your lips. Works beautifully with today’s Dermal Fillers and Lip Enhancers.
Full Lip Shading
For a truly maintenance-free smile, choose full lip shading. With over 50 colors to choose from, it’s easy to bring back the radiant, natural lip color of your youth.
Medical Tattooing
Hypo-pigmented, or light colored scars can be re-pigmented to help scarred skin blend with surrounding skin. Areola re-pigmentation produces beautiful and natural looking results.
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