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LHE Therapy 

Many of my clients are experiencing the same skin issues that I am: Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Hyper-Pigmentation.  Although, I have some really great products in my shop that address these issues on a smaller scale, I was really looking for something that could affect a more dramatic change. For me, and also for my clients.

Introducing LHE! 

Light Heat and Energy Treatments That Really Pack a Punch. With Just a Few Treatments, You Can Achieve 
Truly Visible Results!

 This is an untouched photo of a hyper-pigmented chest area. After years of sun abuse, sun damage has occurred. It can be a difficult situation to address.

However, after only one treatment I was able to significantly reduce the freckling and hyper-pigmentation on her chest area. As you can see, I treated certain areas, leaving other areas untreated. I felt this would give me the best side-by-side comparison of before and after results. This is one treatment! Once she had completely healed, I went back and treated the untreated areas to give her a more uniform appearance.

If You Are Interested in LHE Therapy, Please Email Me 
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Now Until the End of the Year* I Am Offering a 
Reduced Price:

 $600.00 for a package of 4 treatments 
to be used on face, neck or chest area! 

*As with all Light Therapy Treatments, LHE cannot be performed during summer months or during the risk of sun exposure