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Hi Ladies!
I, like many women, am always searching for the perfect mascara! I do not use mascara everyday (thanks to my permanent eyeliner!) but when I do, it's because I am looking for a more dramatic look. Usually for an evening out. So, the mascara really needs to work! 
Well, I have finally found the PERFECT MASCARA!  My daughter, Michael Kathryn, came home wearing this product and the moment I saw her I thought she had gotten eyelash extensions. Anyone that knows me has learned that I AM NOT a fan of eyelash extensions! Sadly, I have just seen too many women come to me with permanent bald patches in their eyelash bed due to a poor application by the technician, over using / too frequent use of extensions or an allergic reaction to the glue. I pretty much PREACH to everyone NOT to use extensions! 
So, you can imagine my dismay when I saw her amazing lashes! But she quickly informed me that her lashes were created with an all natural, green tea fiber mascara that, while they last all day, comes off easily with soap and water! I could not wait to try it for myself! Once I did, I loved it! I have never had my lashes look so thick and full!   
I do not sell many products in my store. At all. I receive free samples and products in the mail every week from companies trying to have me market their products. I sell only one skin care line; Ph Advantage. And it is excellent - I have never had a need to sell any other products. Until now!    
Because I have fallen in love with this product and because I believe it works better than any other mascara I have ever tried, I am now selling it in my store and online to my customers for $35.00 including shipping. It's a fabulous price for an amazing mascara.
 It is presented in an elegant hard case complete with the application gel and a separate tube of natural fibers along with instructions on how to use the product..
Moodstruck3D Lashes  
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